tina key

Shifumi with Tina Kay

We all from childhood know the sport of stone-scissors-paper, right? Its principles are extremely easy: scissors beat paper, rock beats scissors, and paper beats stone. Two people perform, who simultaneously, with no word, reveal one of the symbols. Depending on what one has selected, among them wins, or even so the game ends in a draw, if both have thrown the very same symbols. The game is straightforward, but who would have believed that it gets far more interesting if you perform not only that, but using undressing, rather than with anyone, just with the sexy brunette Tina Kay. You go by turns. For each of your winnings, then the attractiveness removes one thing from her handbag. With a draw or a loss, nothing happens. Beat the girl in a scissors-paper-paper a sufficient number of times, and then undress her totally, and in the end, as a reward, then she will masturbate and caress herself before you! This porn-game is made up of videos that'll be found as cutscenes. Fantastic luck!

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