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Diva Mizuki Portal

Diva Mizuki is back and ready to discover even more experiences on all her delicious curves! The game could beging with Mizuki attempting some underwear at home and the one thing you may do with her will be... to teleport her into the secret underground laboratory! On what point? To examine portals naturally! And sperm gun. Yep, portals and sprem gun in one match! And now to find house Mizuki will have to conclude all ten levels of this examination! So get ready yourself to help Mizuki to solve different test situation like... doing trio titty fucking in the restricted time! Along with the tits you'll have to fuck will probably be arrive and vanish thru randomly opening portals all around the test room! Think quick, move fast and fuck those tits! For your level two you will want to... survive level 1 of course!

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