Pussymon: Episode 12

Are you prepared to become raw while huntimg for wild pussymons? Then get ready to sail pirate ship in new sport from"Pussymon" series - Episode 12: Wet Mission! After training with Lepllanny (in case you have no idea who is then you most likely have not played previous scenes and you indeed should play them very first) you leave your room to discover the others. You and Lepllanny find DOT and DASH (who they truly are and their titles are writtn similar to that? Assess for previous episodes!) Ambling from the gardens in which DOT advised you that Lord Edwin asked your group to fulfill someone at the Pussymon Hunter Society docks area for another quest... And you will discover all fantastic old gameplay mechanics with a few improvements and naturally you will observe new pussymons, new animations, fresh personalities, new areas to explore and more!

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Pussymon 30

Who would presumed that Pussymon saga would hit on its own 30 the scene one day? Yet here it is! After the latest events that have happened in the second Hydragodon's cave (well, you most likely have to have played preceding vignette to know more) you and friends and family have came back into this Pussymon Hunter Society... just to find out that there's a new pursuit that doesn't just needs to be done but also needs to be done as swift potential! We won't spoil all the seconds for you so if you like former scene then you will definitely not want to miss this one. It is a bit shorter than preceding, but has all the main features and gameplay mechanics of the set. For this episode specific you will find five new Pussymon, 15 new cartoons and of course new narrative.

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