Daughter’s Punishment

One very insatiable girl was exploring the basement of the mansion even however she was told that this is a banned are for her. Why? This she finds out pretty shortly - her mother and her fucker had a special room for their sexual games there. And that games are clearly has some bdsm involved... so that she just can't wait to try these great toys herself! The only thing is important now is to get out of here until someone will even notice she was here or she will receive her punishment onto a entire fresh level... Just follow this interactive story by pressing on the buttons whenever they appear on the screen and you will know what's occurred after she got captured in the room where she should not be in a first place. Ofcourse you have to understand that some of bdsm elements wil be shown in this game so if this is not your kind of thing then go to our site and attempt to find the game that you might enjoy more.

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