Strip poker with Jasmine

Jasmine is a truly ht looking sensual model. Andshe loves to play card games. Like poker. And because she knows there should be at leasting something in the con into mak ethe game interesting then she is willing to set her clothes on it. In other words she is ready to play disrobe poker tonigth so the question has abandoned - are you prepared to join her? And if you're still thinking about taking this challenge you ought to know that poker part of this all thsi game is really old-school so in case you played virtual poker games earlier then you already know what to do (or may understand pretty fast if not). Every time you will win the certain sum of cash from Jasmine she will have to pay up with her clothes to stay in the game. When there is not going to be any more clothes to eliminate, However, what will happen?

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Hardcore Poker Lady Evelin

Play this video poker game and Lady Evelin can do everything for you. She will start to take of her clothing as you accumulate more money. And she will give you her pussy for usage. Put your bets and win the game.

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