naruto shippuden

Hinata Kiba fuck

Hinata Hyuga from Naruto Shippuden seems adorable and shy in Naruto, but she turns to a pornstar, a slut willing to fuck every guy with a hard penis, if you speak her. Kiba knew to seduce Hinata and he shows his penis to Hinata, the Hyuga woman gives her ass and can not resist. It's time for both Kiba and Hinata to have sex until the orgasm!

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Naruto fucks Sakura pussy

Naruto legends persist! Here another hidden chapter in Naruto Shippuden together with Sakura and Naruto. Both young ninjas are fucking in the bedroom involving two missions of Naruto. When Sasuke has gone to join Orochimaru, Sakura felt so lonelythat she could not resist to give her buttocks to her comrade. In actuality, the departure of Sasuke was! Now a desperated Sakura can be fucked by him ! A way for the next Hokage.

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