Concubines Of Whoredor

Just the Lord from this game gets sexy from time to time. However here he might have a problem - that he rules the kingdonm of all Whoredor where it is pretty tough to find a thing anywhere close to an appealing chick. But fuckable ladies can be found in the neighbor kingdom of Erolandia. So - get all the possible sweethearts from Erolandia, lock up them in The Dark Lord's castle dungeon and train them to become a flawless whores who are always ready to please their fresh master. This is if you are going to choos eto play story mode because also there's h-scenes manner available that ailing allow you to enjoy the manga porn content of this game without any battle whatsoever (but where's teh joy for The Dark Lord?'') .

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Zombie Queen Final

Crazy bullshit happeninghere! Someone took someone's life, then the body of somebody was taken by someone and so on. Does not matter. Click here around the screen and you will progress the match. Pick up a few tools, clickcages. Follow instructions in the match so the enjoyment bar'll fill quicker.

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